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Sell your house quickly without listing it in the MLS. We have several hundred professional cash and private money buyers in Georgia who are actively looking to buy off-market properties, AS-IS, in ANY CONDITION, up to $550,000. Would you consider selling, if we already have a buyer for your house with a fair offer?


Close quickly in a matter of days


No anticipating showings, no inspections, choose when you want to close, sell as-is, any condition, no repairs, no renovations, no clean-ups, hassle-free

Fair Offers

Offers based on condition and the sales price of similar properties in your area

How should you sell your home?

There are several ways to sell a house. The best option depends on your unique circumstances.

Experience a seamless and rewarding home selling journey with D19 Brokers. In order to get multiple offers, we present your home to our network of several hundred real estate professionals and companies who are actively looking to buy homes in your area. Some of these investors come back with offers on your house. They all have the financial means to purchase your home in cash or with private money. Their offers are generally competitive and are based on the sales price of similar properties in your area.

Sell fast and with ease. If you need to sell quickly to move for a new job or other reasons, our system allows you to skip the lengthy process of preparing and listing your home for sale. Closings can happen in a matter of days.

Sell in any condition. If your property is damaged, run-down, or facing foreclosure, our buyers may be willing to buy your home as is, offloading the burden of making repairs or renovations.

List Your Home In The MLS. Listing in the MLS to sell your home was the traditional method and we can help you with that if that’s your best option. You will need to have time to prepare your home so that we can list it for sale in the MLS. You should also be ready for multiple showings, inspections, and back-and-forth negotiations. We can create a custom marketing plan, get the word out to many buyers, and assist you through the entire home-selling process. You will pay a slightly higher commission for these services (often a percentage of your home’s sales price).

Sell your home on your own. A small percentage of homeowners decide to sell their own home, a process known as For Sale By Owner or FSBO. This can help save money since you aren’t paying for a real estate agent’s services. But it’s a lot of work, and risk showing your home to strangers, with no guarantees of a sale.

Let's Sell Your Home FAST & AS-IS

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